Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In & Out

One of the few advantages of having served as an executive is the annual leave entitlement of 35 days. I have never used up my annual leave in my time in SIB, but this time round it comes in handy as I had travelled in and out of Ranau, 3 times already in the first week of December. With my father ill and my son back from NZ, it is a good time to have with my family. I don't know how to juggle all the Christmas preaching I had to do, both in Ranau and in KK.
I had already preached in 3 events and this Saturday there will be two more services. Then I enter into a long stretch of preaching from 18th Dec (twice), 19th Dec afternoon in Ranau, night service in KK followed by a Sunday service in another KK church.  I return to Ranau on 22nd Dec with a night service, 23rd Dec, a family Christmas service, Christmas Eve, Christmas morning and night, 26th Dec, night service and I rush back to KK to see my son off to Auckland. May the Lord grant his servant strength to do His work in the last 3 weeks of the 2015. There are multiple rehearsals and the worship team is pumped up to serve and it is good to see them with the women folks decorating the church on Sunday afternoon. On Friday we will have our last pastors' fellowship in Ranau. Four pastors are leaving the fellowship with three returning to Bible College and one joining another church in Sandakan. We will miss them and we will have to reorganise the fellowship early next year. Hopefully there will be one or two new pastors coming our way. We have enjoyed wonderful fellowship with our trip together to Kudat being the highlight, and many activities besides.

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