Saturday, December 19, 2015

Into the midst of the Jungle

Last night past the 9pm mark I was feeling terribly sleepy and tried to hide my constant yawning from my hosts lest they thought I was not interested in their songs and various presentations. The women folks put up a great show with candle and stick dance and songs. I preached at 9.15pm after arriving at the church at 6.30pm. By then I had been on the road for 7 hours with about 30 mins break in between. My wife and son came with me on both occasions. Just wanted my son to taste afresh the jungles of Borneo. The first place we went to had no electricity so no fan in church so we were all sitting outside before we moved in at the start of the service.

EThe music and songs refreshed my spirits and I proceeded to preach a 20min sermon shorter than usual for two reasonsm. First before unbelievers and the minister's entourage I wanted to make it short and sweet, even though the cabinet minister could not attend but his aide later gave an excellent speech. Second. I did not want anyone to suffer longer than was necessary under the oppressive 2pm afternoon sun. By 3pm we ended and proceeded to the community up the hill. There we spent 90 mins enjoying the afternoon meal and a large Christmas cake was ushered in at the end of the function. We departed happily in pouring rain and reached home at 5.15pm.

With less than an hour before I had to go to another village 30 mins away I prayed and sought the Lord's face and asked him to empower my ministry at night. Lord you have heard my prayers and my cries pierced the clouds and reached Your heavenly abode. I was glad a mother and her daughter came with us as it was better with a load at the back of my pickup to climb steep hills. As dusk fell and day turned into night we arrived at the village 6.30pm sharp as requested by my hosts. I preached on the names of God and Jesus from Rev 1,7-8 and 22,14. The anointing took over as I opened my mouth and the sleepiness I felt throughout the 90 mins praise and worship session did not hinder my preaching one bit. I spoke for 35 mins and the whole congregation was blessed with the DS and his entourage in attendance. By the time we reached home it was past 11pm.

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