Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Space & Place in Sermon Preparation

I think most preachers can attest to the fact that sermon preparation is an no ending task. It can take place anytime and anywhere. There is no ideal place as if it must be crafted in the pastor's study or private room. I have learned over the years that I am constantly making sermons whether on the MRT, sitting in the Bus stop, enjoying a cup of coffee or a quiet walk in the park. Now I am at a hospital bedside preparing for Sunday's sermon. I have to preach 10 or 11 Christmas sermons besides. I have reached 60 Sunday sermons for the year making a total of more than 100 if Wednesday and Friday sermons are taken into consideration, not counting the 20 plus sermons or so I preached outside my congregation.

How do I prepare sermons? I jot down verses and notes which I felt the Lord laid in my heart. I write out full sentences if time permits when I feel strongly impressed as to the way I should present the message. I wait on the Lord for further impressions and pore over the sermon and pray wholeheartedly that God's Word would have its desired effect. I look out for apt illustrations and current events to buttress the main points of the sermon. It has to be relevant and current. But the main aim is to expound on the Word, the timeless Word in time, space and place.

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