Sunday, November 19, 2017

Blessing to the Nations

I have often appropriated God’s promise to Abraham. I will surely bless you so that you may be a blessing to the nations. I don’t doubt God’s calling for me for a moment. Sometimes even my loved ones asked why I am based in such a far away place and teach students with limited skill and knowledge. Last year after being laid off for two months when I was reappointed to the College I told my students that “I came back for you”. Well at least they don’t have to go to Singapore to get solid biblical teaching. I remember David’s 400 men. They were outcasts refugees from the law debtors and rough necks but under David’s leadership they became mighty men. Today I am elated in the Lord. The church sang the song I sang last Sunday. I even managed to read 6 chapters of Hosea in the LXX. Then I called my student who informed me that his wife had given birth early this morning at 2am.
I learnt that when a baby is born she does not know time early or late to suit her mother. When she comes she comes into the world. It is also with the Lord’s coming when He comes He comes so better be ready at all times at His coming. When I entered my car a church member put a note into my hand. I rejoiced greatly because I know my student is in great need for his new born baby girl. So I gave all that I received to the mother when I visited. When I got to the hospital at 11.30am I was told that the visiting hours began at 12.30pm and even fathers were not allowed in. But I was not going to let some rule deter me or waste an hour of my time. So I went up, spoke to the security guard who let me speak to the sister in charge. I told her I was the pastor and had come to pray. She showed me where the mother was with the baby. I went in to see four mothers with their new born babies were there in the room. So I prayed and laid hands on the baby and enquired whether the mother was well. Within a couple of minutes I was out of the ward rejoicing that I could be a blessing to my student and his family.

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