Friday, November 24, 2017

John 3:16 & First Love

I have reached John 3:16 though I think I might need a miracle to complete the commentary by year’s end. But at least I have my holidays preoccupation that is to write and to keep writing. It is interesting that as I wrote I felt the Lord revealed new things or least things I have not seen in the text. John’s Gospel is one book I have loved and studied all my life almost 35 years in all. I guess it is as close to me as the Psalms which could be my next commentary project. Wow I am getting the commentary bug. I better finish one first as they say the first one is always the hardest just as it is the hardest to forget one’s first love. First love for God means doing crazy things for the one you love.
Like living in a village without good internet connection. Like living by faith whether you can afford to retire like most people do. I even joked in Labuan recently that I would have to work until 76 which is the age of my good friend the District Superintendent. Like driving 100s of kms to nowhere right into the interior of Borneo. Like waking up at 4am and interceding for the church and weeping over her failings. I don’t know maybe I have not done crazy things for God lately. Then I need to ask whether I still love God as I did 35 years ago. By being devoted to God and loving Him with all your heart takes every bit of commitment and will. It is called denying oneself in order that God may be pleased because if one loves the world the love of the Father is not in him. Twice I mentioned to my friends writing this commentary is an act of worship. As I write I worship even as the pen of a ready scribe to sing praise to his King and bridegroom as John 3 tells us.

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