Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Commentary Progress

I thought I should blog for posterity’s sake since I am writing my first commentary after 12 years of my first and only monograph. At least I can report on my progress if indeed there is progress. I must say this past fortnight has been an exercise in discipline, joy of discovery and at times an endurance test of writing when one does not feel the inspiration and anointing. O Lord how I need Your anointing as You did when I despaired on finishing my dissertation 15 years ago I plead for Your help so that your saints may learn of the great mysteries found in John’s Gospel. I have exceeded 20,000 words, a minor dissertation length of the Otago University’s postgrad diploma thesis.
I have finished John 4 with the first two signs enveloping Jesus’ ministry from Cana to Cana as both these two signs were performed in Cana. These are the first four great chapters of the Gospel and it has taken me 2 full weeks and 58 pages of writing. It is only 20 percent done but the first twenty percent is the hardest though I don’t think commenting John 5-21 will be any easier. Lord, I write to worship You even as I write I learn and communicate what You teach me to my readers. Well I have a number of Christmas speaking engagements and next Friday I am travelling north to one of the furtherest places in Sabah. Then I have two different churches to speak at the following weekend and flying to the East for Christmas itself. In between I hope to get my commentary done. Lord Jesus I believe...just say the Word and it will be done.

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