Friday, December 1, 2017

23 Years

Today I celebrate the completion of my 23 years in ministry. And I begin my 24th year in full-time ministry in the Lord. Today is historical for several reasons. Many people I had gotten to know told me they had the calling to go full-time but never did. Many people had gone full-time but they dropped out in 10 or 20 years. For me to complete 23 years is a milestone worth celebrating.
Second, in my recent trip to Labuan I was given an indication that I had entered mid-time in my ministry. So I have 23 more years to go. 4 years minus 80 is not too ambitious as Moses only started at 80 and he went on for another 40 years. So I have already at middle age and mid-phase of my ministry. The first half is learning, gaining experience and obtaining an advance theological degree. The second half is how to utilise the experience of the first half but multiplied that manifold as the Father desires us to bear much fruits. I can't think of anything better than to write a commentary as my first project in this second half and in my 24th year as a worker in the Lord's vineyard. So I celebrated by buying myself a present. Because God's Word is so true for if you seek after his kingdom and his righteousness all these things shall be added to you and this year I have enjoyed his blessings - the joy of teaching my Dusun students, the joy of visiting and preaching to my Dusun Murut and Lundayeh churches, the joy of my Dusun friends and strong supporters in prayers and ministry and the joy of writing this commentary as worship unto the Lord as the Father seeks true worshippers, those who worship Him in spirit and truth.

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