Friday, December 8, 2017


I have been on instagram for 4 months. Initially my only rationale was to connect with my son at the ends of the earth. For the first three months I only had 2 followers but in recent days suddenly 12 followers appeared. It just happened I commented on John 6 where at the end of the chapter Jesus mentioned his 12 followers. I am not into all these social media stuff.
I am not on Facebook. But I write a blog since 2006 and it has been a platform for me to reflect on things theological and more often than not a journal of my ministry wherever I am. I realised that now even emails have limited value when people prefer WhatsApp. I realised Instagram could be a useful tool because as the saying goes a picture tells more than a thousand words. I realised not everyone reads my 11 year old blog. Yesterday my colleague told me he had more than 300 texts on his WhatsApp and I have, well 3 texts. I don’t follow groups unless they are part of my work and ministry except one which is my former classmates in Sandakan for old times sake.

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