Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Loneliness & Alone

I can't help but be moved everytime I come to the verse in John 8 where Jesus said that he was not alone but that His father was with Him. In fact around noon today I reached that verse and stopped commenting for the rest of day. I have reached 119 pages and nearly 42,000 words, the length of a Masters thesis but it is just over a third of the Gospel. And tomorrow I will start to prepare for my final series of Christmas sermons. I will be mighty pleased if I reach chapter 10 by the time College starts. Now I think I have to divide the commentary into 2 volumes. Volume 1 will be until John 12 if possible but the second volume will come later if I have to take a complete break from preaching next Christmas so be it. Why do we suffer so much loneliness? Why do we feel so lonely? And that we are alone.

The news came to me that Kpop star took his own life because he could not overcome his loneliness. So sad but yet so real. In the midst of busyness, adoration of the crowds and a hive of activities we can feel desperately lonely. Blessed is he who finds one who he truely loves and be loved as well. Then he won't be so lonely. But will true love last? So many love stories end in divorces and heartaches so is there true love out there? Or do we look within or without to God? Can we just love God and be loved by God and we be content? But God has created us for human intimacy and no divine love can fill that void for most people except one is called to be like Paul or ascetics. What about Christ's words if anyone comes to me and eat he will never hunger and if anyone thirsts let him drink and he shall never thirst. Is spiritual satisfaction able to fulfill all our desires in this life on earth? Are we not body soul and spirit? Each dimension needs its own kind be it physical love and emotional intimacy for the soul but the spirit is key for where the Spirit is there is freedom and we look upon the Lord who is Spirit and are transformed by the same Spirit into his image from one degree to another degree of glory.

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