Saturday, December 2, 2017

Seriously Speaking

I was going to entitle this blogpsot "seriously writing" as I got up at 4am and started writing at 5.30am. I realized my progress has been slow and in the next few days I have to focus on my speaking engagements 3 weeks in a row. But when I comment on John 3-5, numerous times Jesus uses this formula to start his speech - "Amen Amen I say unto you". These Amen statements have taken me a whole week and I am still stuck in the middle of chapter 5 hoping to finish chapter 5 tonight and commence ch 6 tomorrow. Jesus is into serious speaking.
How contrary of today's conversations in so many whatsapp or chat groups. I was in a few of them last year and pulled out one by one. Now I am only part of my former St. Marians group, my Sabah's pastors group and my College group. Even on occasions I thought of leaving some of them but no man is an island to himself. But Jesus is into the serious business of speaking. Amen Amen means truly truly or better still you can bet on it because it is God's truth, divine truth for the ages. But not many people want the truth, a most important theme in John's gospel found more than 40 times in various forms. John the Baptist witnessed to the truth - how many of us do that, witness to Jesus who is the way, the life and the truth. So whatever Jesus says as recorded in all 4 gospels is serious speaking, gospel truth and divine teaching. Unless like John's gospel we ascend above ourselves like the eagle we will never achieve the truth but if we believe in the Son of Man we will be like the angels who ascend to heaven not on Jacob's ladder but on Christ's merits on the cross.

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