Wednesday, December 27, 2017

East Coast

I began my last sermon with a short testimony how I once stood at the Community Centre in a speech contest where all I remembered was that my knees were shaking the whole of the 10 minutes or so speech. But now more than 40 years on, coming back to Sandakan as the Lord’s servant filled with his spirit I spoke for nearly 3 hours and I could have gone on longer if I sensed the congregations were ready for more. East Coast of Sabah always holds a special place in my heart not only as my place of origins but the whole District seems to hold special promise and potential.
Most of the SIB churches are concentrated in the West and South but the East there is still plenty of cities and villages to conquer for Christ if only we obey his great commission. The only major town in the East I have not gone is Semporna and I am looking forward to drive one day from Ranau to Lahad Datu and then to Semporna. I have flown several times to Lahad Datu and Tawau but the road journey could be promising as a last frontier. This morning I tried to write again but as momentum has been lost due to preaching it is difficult to move the rock of inertia once more. I am still struggling to complete John 8 and College work once again takes precedence within the week.

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