Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Writing & Preaching

Writing and preaching don’t go together. Those scholars hardly preach but those who preach hardly become or continue to be scholars. My commentary is delayed for 4 days. Yesterday I just couldn’t  get myself to write. I was mentally and physically exhausted from my trip. Preaching and praying for people take a lot out of you. No wonder Jesus felt power had gone from him when a woman touched the helm of his garment from behind. Even the several lunches and dinners were taken up in answering theological questions. At least some of the church members were curious enough to ask. While driving to the seaside we spoke about whether there would be any circumstances that a divorced person may remarry.
I know of two pastors whose wives left them. One of them has been single for more than 25 years as the wife left him after one year of marriage. Would you expect a man without the gift of celibacy to live out the rest of his life without the intimacy of a woman? Sometimes one has to live with the consequences of the folly of his youth. Then I read an amazing story from China how a mixed French and Chinese woman waited for 50 years to marry the man of her love after falling in love with him as a young woman but the man of her dreams was married then and after the wife passed away this couple were finally reunited. He was 83 years old and died after 7 years of marriage to the love of his life. Strange things do happen but how many end up with the partners of their choosing and live happily ever after. That aside I started writing again today and reached John 7:13. Tomorrow I am the travelling north again and coming back the next day. If I rest on Friday by the weekend I have two Christmas services to attend as guest speaker. Preaching and writing simply don’t mix.

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