Saturday, March 9, 2019

Godliness and Contentment (1 Tim 6:6)

Apostle Paul gave some great advice. Though he was not married he told how couples should behave and husbands to love their wives and wives should respect and submit to their husbands. In his first letter to Timothy Paul gave some advice as to how to live. Paul is not worried about housing or the lack of it. Only this morning I read that there was a glut of apartments above RM250,000 in the whole country but affordable housing is hard to come by. When you are earning RM3,000 or even RM4,000 a month with a car loan can you afford a house more than RM300K? But apostle did not mention housing at all.
He said if we have food and clothing we will be content with these. No chasing after the world’s security or even so called basic needs of a roof over our heads. Many people have chosen to rent without the hope of buying their homes in the near future. And that’s fine by me. Worse still if three or four kids come along the way it is all struggle until they turn adults or working on their own. Contentment comes with godliness. The desire for God’s presence satisfies our every need like the Psalmist says when I am awake I shall be satisfied (“fed” LXX) with your presence. When God is present we are fed not just spiritually but materially and physically. Don’t worry about tomorrow Jesus says and if we believe we will be content even though we have or own little and we do not know what tomorrow will bring. Having faith means being godly. A godly man has God in his thoughts all the time. This morning I was awakened by the prayers of the mosques nearby. By 5.30am I was reading my Bible and when my niece came down for breakfast at 10am I was still reading my Bible. I have my Hebrew and Greek Bibles, I have Olive Tree app at the touch of my finger to check out the words. But how many love God and feed on His Word? When we feed on God’s Word and His presence is near we shall be content and nothing can frighten us or move us in heaven or on earth.

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