Thursday, January 16, 2020

3rd Book in 3 Weeks

I trust in the Lord that in less than 3 weeks’ time, my 3rd book will be out. I plan to launch the book on 02.02.2020 which is rather an auspicious date I reckon, almost a chiastic form with the zeros and twos. It will be a Herculean task to get it done just after Chinese New Year as the printers are working over time to meet deadlines before the Lunar New Year in less than 10 days’ time. Since I am printing this time locally in Kota Kinabalu, there is very chance I can get the books ready on 1st February 2020 for then to be sold on Sunday, 02.02.2020. It will be my first book in Malay after my two books in English.
It will be my first commentary, a first on the Gospel of John, even if it is only from chapter 1 to 12. It is already 236 pages long and I know if the book is any bulkier, my targeted audience may lose interest. It is tough to create a reading culture within the Malay-speaking church, but I pray that there will be such hunger for God’s Word that my commentary might just serve as an avenue to satisfy the hungry souls as Jeremiah said, “Where your words are found, they are the rejoicing of my heart.” As with many things, it is a venture of faith, publishing two books so close together with much money invested, but with little certainty that even half of it will be recovered in sales. But the aim is to bless the Church. I have already received two excellent feedback on my Departure Points thus far and I pray that John’s commentary will even be a greater blessing to the edification of the Church of Christ.

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