Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Purim & Malaysia

Is God telling us something? Yesterday at the start of the Feast of Purim (9th-10th March/14th-15th Adar), Malaysia's 8th Prime Minister announced his line-up of cabinet ministers. This evening by the close of Purim, all the ministers and deputy ministers would have been sworn in by the King and will commence their duties forthwith. It seems that the change of government and the commencement of a new Malaysian government coincides with the Jewish Feast of Purim. Purim was installed to celebrate the victory of the Jews over Haman who wanted to kill all the Jews in Persia. He was at the height of his power, the favourite of the king but by Esther's intercession, Haman fell out of favour; Haman lost his government and (his life) and Mordecai was appointed in his place. The Feast of Purim tells us that there could be a change of government at the blink of the eye. The fortunes of God's people could change anytime, for better or for worse.
The King has made a decision whom no one could change. The people of God were under the threat of genocide and extinction in the time of Esther. They cried out to God. They had a prayer-warrior in Esther who fasted three days and three nights before she interceded with the king on behalf of her people. God intervened in the most unusual of circumstances to reverse the evil course of Haman and install Mordechai in power instead. For sure, many would argue nothing of what is happening in Malaysia resembles what happened during the first Purim. Perhaps, the people of God in Malaysia face greater dangers with this new government or perhaps there is a chance that the people of God could thrive, instead of dependence or reliance on worldly powers, they might rise up to be witnesses and make an impact in society and shine as lights in a dark world of political intrigues. Personally, I see much hope in the light of these present circumstances. At least, most of the Sabah's representatives in government are known personalities - may they become Esthers and Daniels in the corridors of power.

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