Thursday, March 26, 2020

Surviving under Movement Control Order (MCO)

I have just gone out to do some errands. I bought some meat and vegetables and then went to a supermarket to buy some fruits. I have been eating an apple a day since about 10 days ago, believing in the maxim that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I also eat an orange on alternate days. I don't take vitamin pills but I may need to, but I try to keep myself healthy by drinking warm water, green tea, do light exercises, and keeping myself occupied with my many books. Only this morning I came across another treasure, The Apostolic Fathers (Greek texts and English Translations) by Michael Holmes. I read a short passage by Ignatius to the Trallians where the bishop came to visit Ignatius in his prison cell.
A big lesson from this MCO is that things will get worse in the end-times, so it is time to toughen up. As water is also in short supply, last night I went up and down my room 5 or 6 times, carrying water for myself and my wife to take our bath. Not very long ago about 15 months past, I was carrying water from outside my house in Namaus, Ranau at least twice a week for a period of two or three years. Now I realised the little difficulty I faced in my 3-year stay in Namaus was preparation to survive some crisis, whether it is a virus or an earthquake. I have survived the effect of an earthquake in Ranau 5 years ago, now it is a cumulative of things going to happen before Jesus' second coming. Famine will come to the poor, especially day-wage workers adversely impacted by this MCO. Thank God that we don't have to struggle through wars or civil conflicts like in some countries.

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