Friday, August 6, 2021

Preaching Again this Sunday

I had a premonition an hour before my deacon called me. I felt I might have to preach this Sunday though I am not scheduled to do so. I had already prepared a sermon a week before but I preached what I preached last Sunday on the key theme for August-Nov "faith, hope and love". When I saw my deacon's name on my phone I knew what he waa going to say. Perhaps the Lord wants me to speak on something this Sunday. There are several issues playing on my mind but I might just speak on one of them.

We live in very challenging times. The flock of God is scattered. They may be still staying in one place but their hearts are scattered. There are many strangers, preachers online seeking an audience and the sheep without a shepherd is exposed to dangers of wolves preying on their ignorance and immaturity. Anyone can hold a camera and start an you-tune channel and claims God speaks to him or her. When we go beyond the doctrine of Christ we fall into the danger of departing from the truth which is the source of life, the Father and giver of life. 

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