Friday, October 15, 2021

The Fight Goes On

Often we are impressed with the rise of human leaders among the nations. Having owned Tony Blair's auto-biography since a decade ago I read the first chapter again and watched a recent video on the rise of the Labour Party under Blair and Gordon Brown. These two were comrades-in-arm as they shared a small office space in Westminster Hall of Parliament. But Tony Blair was a much more charismatic figure who won the hearts of the British and won three consecutive UK General Election. I almost had a tear in my eye when Blair stood for the leadership of the Labour Party at the sudden death of John Smith.

It was a moving scene with his victory speech and in less than 3 years Blair won a landslide victory over the Tories led by John Major who replaced the first woman PM of UK, Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher's years were my growing up years as a teenager and when Tony Blair came to power I was in my 30s, but in my late 50s I am currently the lowest ranked pastor in my denomination with no leadership role except preaching and leading prayers in my own congregation. Lord my hope is in You for You will fulfill Your purpose for me. 

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