Saturday, December 4, 2021

"The reproaches of them that reproach Thee are fallen on me" (Psalm 69)

I suppose the author of Hebrews must have alluded to Psalm 69 when he cited Moses as one who had esteemed the reproach for the sake of Christ greater than the riches of Egypt. How often one compromises one's Christian faith for sake of one's rice bowl or career in the world? Instead of the reproach for the sake of Christ they prefer the honour of men. No wonder Jesus said, "you have no love of God in your hearts as you seek the glory of men rather than the glory of God".

How often people waver for the fear of men rather than the fear of God? I had challenged some of these people who chose to bar people from worship in church premises. On what biblical or theological grounds do we stand when we reject at least 30 percent of our members who have faithfully attended "church" just a few months ago? Did not Jesus say that he would leave the 99 sheep and go and look for the one lost sheep? Where is our compassion for the weak? Are not the strong supposed to bear those who are weak in faith? Why are the vaccinated afraid of the unvaccinated since the former claimed to be protected? Why are self-tests before entry into premises disallowed? Is it not safer since they are tested just prior to church entry while the vaccinated could have been infected and transmit the virus to other worshippers? If God had protected us for 18 months before vaccination, is He not capable of doing so apart from vaccination? O men of little faith! Why are unvaccinated children allowed with vaccinated parents since these children are liable to be infected? Many are the rules of men and some make no sense but many people prefer them to the neglect of the commandments of God. Ultimately, they prove to be men pleasers and the fear of men fetters them like a chain and they are blind to truth for the truth of God would have set them free.

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