Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday in Review

The month of August ended last night with a bang - TTC's Cultural Night. I went down to the Plaza where the event was held to check on things - making sure all the preparations were in place. The students organizing the event were a wonderful bunch. My job was a breeze and we waited for our guests to arrive from Orchard Road Presbyterian Church. The ladies' fellowship there had donated gifts and goods to the international students for some years now and this year they graced us with their presence. Two tables were specially laid out for them.

Before the 6:30pm start for the Cultural night, we had our monthly Faculty Colloquium. The topic was interesting - a survey of the evaluation of a sermon from a well-known local preacher. As usual we had lively discussion and I added my two cents' worth. For me, evaluating a written sermon is like weighing a dead fish. There is no life in it. A sermon by its definition is an oral proclamation - not to say the sermons should not be scripted, but even it is fully scripted, it is the oral delivery of the message that matters as Paul says, "My preaching was not with wisdom of words but in the demonstration of the Spirit and of power." (1 Cor 2).

For Friday Chapel at 11:30am we had an unusual guest in Bruce Cohn, a professional actor who acted out parts of the Luke's Gospel in 40 minutes. It was powerful presentation of the dramatic narrative of the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Luke. As we are looking into Luke's Gospel for my NT 1 class, it dovetailed very well and the presentation made the sayings and story of Jesus came alive. Jesus' sayings were revolutionary and radical in his age and they are still as radical and revolutionary in our day.

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