Sunday, September 16, 2012

Integrity in Leadership (1 Samuel 12)

This morning I preached two 40-minute sermons. It's only about 9pm that I am feeling tired, after a high of preaching and seeing many people blessed. Usually I preached better in the 2nd service but today it was the reverse. I found the second service hard going. Perhaps it was because I was addressing some difficult issues - concerning leaders like the prophet Samuel was totally honest and transparent as a leader. I also spoke about "Dress Code", one issue that was a live issue in the past couple of years in Singaporean churches but only now I found the courage and opportunity to address it. I gave the example that we should welcome everyone including prostitutes to our worship service. We cannot be legalistic and judge them for who they are or what they wear. "They could come as they are", I said but "they do not stay or remain as they are". The Gospel will transform sinners when we put our trust in the Lord Jesus. It's called repentance. Concerning modesty in apparel, I cited 1 Peter 3 and 1 Tim 2 about women dressing in modesty as the apostle Paul commanded in the name of the Lord.

As I also preached in the same church 2 weeks ago, it was altogether 3 sermons within 14 days. It happened that the College is in its mid-Semester break and lessons will begin tomorrow. I thought I have a couple of weeks' rest as far as preaching is concerned but after the service ended today, the elders invited me again to speak in their prayer service this Wednesday night. May the name of the Lord be glorified!

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