Wednesday, May 2, 2018

”My Miles I Travelled” (Psalm 138:3LXX)

I just realised I passed another milestone in my ministry, now in the 41st month since my appointment as pastor of a Ranau church. I did not realise last Sunday on 29th April 2018 I preached two messages which ended my 40-month ministry just as I started on 31st December 2014 in the same church and place. Preaching the second service in the new church just completed last month which foundations were laid in 2015 when I was pastor there. It could be that my next 40 months could be very different at least new compared to what I have been doing in the past 3 years. My ODO meter reads 76677kms.
I bought my pickup truck 2nd hand at 25,000kms which means I have done more than 51,000 kms in these 40 months. It does not look much but when you count the mileage covered in gravel roads and back and forth Ranau from KK, these 51K kilometres are quite a milestone literally and metaphorically. This Saturday I will journey for 3 hours to a village near Sipitang to preach on Sunday and then 3 hours back to KK. Lord what shall I speak to Your people to make it worthwhile that I travelled this far? No wonder my spirits lifted when I read the LXX version of Psalm 139 where David said, “My path and my miles I travelled You tracked and all my ways foresaw” (Psalm 138:3LXX).

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