Saturday, May 5, 2018

Forward Planning

For me preaching is going through a storm where one navigates all kinds of winds, opposing winds of false doctrines and political winds of the day as we draw near General Election next Wednesday. Last night I received news that I shall be preaching tonight as well as tomorrow’s Sunday service. I wish they told me earlier for better preparations and now I have to prepare mentally to preach twice instead of once. It is not something out of the ordinary but forward planning is not a forte for many people, pastors and leaders included. In class I spoke about the last minute syndrome and looking busy and important in those last hectic hours due to lack of forward planning.
Nehemiah prayed for 4 months and I am sure he did not only pray but began to envisage in his mind what he wanted to do for Jerusalem and the Lord’s temple. He knows his priorities hence his request first for the materials for the Lord’s house, then the surrounding walls and finally his own house. When he arrived in Jerusalem, he further examined the state of the wall and thoroughly acquainted with the problems he was called open to solve. But I rejoice in the fact that two messages may just hit home as I was wondering the worth of travelling 7 hours for just one sermon. The Lord’s plan prevails and may his will be done tonight and tomorrow in a Sipitang’s village.

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