Sunday, February 17, 2019

“I robbed other churches..” 2 Cor 11:8

This is one of the most enigmatic verses written by the apostle Paul. Paul in his two Corinthian letters insisted on his independence and not receiving financial support from Corinth. This was no mean feat as Paul stayed in Corinth for 18 months when he first evangelised the people there (Acts 18). But Paul on occasions received financial support from other churches. In 2 Cor 11:8 we can not be sure which churches he meant but in Phillipians Paul did receive money from the people of Philipi. Even Jesus had women supporting his ministry from their own pockets (Luke 8). As for me, to do what I do among the indigenous peoples is a work of faith and a labour of love.
I love this group of people and today I had a wonderful service at one of the KK churches. The worship was fantastic though a tad loud. And regularly I received requests for help until for one request I purposely did not reply, not to be rude but to teach the person to look to God. But that is easier said than done. I have never experienced without money in my life though 3 times I had to give up everything to follow the Lord’s leading. So after about 3 days I relented and banked in some money into the person’s account. The church has not paid his January salary and his wife contracted TB. They have three young children and their youngest daughter I visited on the day of her birth at a KK hospital. So I know this family well.

Poverty is a scourge and how terrible when mouths are hungry and there is nothing on the table. How terrible when a medical emergency happens and you have no money to take the bus or private transportation to hospital. I cried in my heart for my brothers who are suffering and in some measure I suffer with them. I comforted this brother by telling him I am out of a ministry now and at least he is employed but to what benefit if wages are always delayed. So sometimes I received help from others so that I may serve those who are in need not just spritually but materially as well.

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