Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Sayonara Singapura

This is one of my more enjoyable holidays in Singapore. For once I felt the burden of my 4-year ministry lifted from my shoulders. I was able to relax but sleepless several nights as I prefer my own bed in KK. Who does not prefer home? But I was able to enjoy 9-day stay due to the hospitality of a good friend. Otherwise even well to do Malaysians think twice before coming to Singapore on account of the weak Malaysian currency. If not for this friend it is not possible to stay in Singapore beyond a couple of days. Twice I have gonc over to the library of Singapore Bible College.
This morning I was hoping  to source some references on the book of Malachi but I was surprised to see that there was hardly any substantial commentary on the last book of OT. So I came across a book by a Jewish Rabbi that I could not put down. “Moses:a stranger among us.” I managed to read almost half the book and it was exhilarating. First, Moses only came to prominence in his old age. So no one should lose hope due to age, at least 60 or 70 there is still hope if one is healthy. Moses was raised by foreigners and became learned in all the wisdom of Egypt. He inter-married with a Midianite and later a Cushite both foreign to the Israeli nation. His advisor, who was his father in law was a Midiantie priest who taught him proper administration, organisation and delegation of his duties. His foreign wife prevented Moses’ death by citcumcising their son. Moses was an outsider-insider according to this author and how God used all his upbringing and his education to liberate His people, Israel. I leave Singapore, a stranger and will fly home also a stranger in my homeland - “Lord I am a stranger in all the earth”

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