Friday, August 30, 2019

Building the Church & Buildings

Tomorrow I shall be travelling again. Not so far compared to last week but it will be about 90mins' drive on reasonably good roads. The church that invited me is one of the few churches in Sabah that invited me to speak during my time in Singapore. I can say that I am close to several church leaders there. Having started in the Taginambur District of Kota Belud I am no stranger to many churches in this area. It is one of our denomination's strongholds with about 100 churches in a cluster of 4 Districts. Some of these churches are big that can seat close to 1,000 people.
One faraway interior church that I preached in 2 years ago which has about 200 villagers but their church can easily fit at least 500 people. When I asked why they needed such a big building, their answer was that it was quite packed on Christmas. I reckon most Sundays the church is only at most 1/3 filled. I suppose we need to revisit the doctrine of the church, it is not a building but people. People need building up by the taeaching of God's Word. Sometimes I fear in some churches they spend too much time, energy and money in building concrete buildings and hardly enough left to build God's church by discipleship and training of God's servants who can in turn equip others to minister in the house of the Lord. Tomorrow I will share from 1 Sam and 2 Chr about a faithful priest and that if there is no teaching priest, God's people will suffer spiritually.

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