Saturday, August 31, 2019

Without a Teaching Priest (2 Chr 15:3)

Tonight I will be preaching on the above text. It has been a struggle whole week even up to last night I wasn't sure what I wanted to speak on. But early this morning it came through - thanks be unto God. A freedom to serve where you want to go is indeed a blessing; not dependent on anyone or any church- to prove one is indeed God's servant and not of men. As Paul says twice in Galatians and 1 Thes that he was called to please God and not men and that it is God who tests our hearts. Why is 2 Chr 15 so important?
In the times of the kings, many a time if the king does not walk after the ways of David it would mean spiritual backwardness and often times outright apostasy by worshipping other idols or making agreement wih foreign powers. Like King Asa of Judah who was once a good king but then he became powerful he entered into an alliance with Aram to fight against Israel. A seer rebuked the king and called the sham of not trusting God fully and that God had thus delivered before times when his people called on him. But Asa refused to listen and persecuted the prophet and those who were faithful to Yhwh. Then his son Jehosaphat became ruler and set about appointing priests and Levites who brought the law with them and went around teaching in villages and towns of Judah. 2 Chr 15:3 says for a long time Israel was without a true God, and without a teaching priest and without the Law. Why is that so? Only when God-appointed priests teach the ways of God in truth, the God of truth or the true God is revealed and magnified. He hides himself when there is no teaching priest and when His law is dishonoured or neglected by His people.

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