Monday, December 16, 2019

My 2nd book is Finally Here

It was like Brexit. You know it was going to happen but is somewhat delayed yet the inevitable exit is near. Likewise, I have been waiting for my book for more than a month, hoping that it was going to be ready by my 25th anniversary on 1st Dec but it was somewhat delayed by the shipping across South China Sea. It is finally here in Kota Kinabalu but I am outstation after preaching over the long weekend of 4 sermons from Friday to Sunday. I can’t wait to see the 25 boxes of books on my doorstep and now I have to act to make room for them. Then with my 300 books from Singapore, I can be reasonably certain by the first quarter of next year, all my books will be with me and that they have finally found a home. Books are precious possessions because they mark the seasons of your life. What books one reads makes the man one becomes.
As the Bible is my main book for over 37 years I have become a preacher of God’s Word. Books can be re-read just as the Bible is read and reread countless of times. Of course the Bible is timeless as it still speaks powerfully to souls everywhere. I preached to a mainly Dusun congregation over the weekend and the organisers announced that this year’s crowds were the largest he had seen. When all the worshippers came forward to present their gifts in from of baby Jesus and his parents, Joseph and Mary I thought there must have been close to 500 people because it took about 20 minutes before the whole congregation went up to the stage and returned to their seats.

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