Monday, November 29, 2021

Happy Hanukkah

The Feast of Hanukkah mentioned in John 10 commemorates the cleansing of the Temple of God once defiled by the Greeks in 167BC. After more than 3 years of war and struggle, the Jews managed to drive out the Greeks from Jerusalem in 164BC and the nation of Israel enjoyed 100 years of autonomous rule by the Maccabean brothers. Hanukkah like the Feast of Tabernacles, usually two months prior is a feast of rejoicing and a feast of lights where the Menorah lit up the night sky and Jews gathered in the Temple precincts to remember God's deliverance from the Greeks. Today I also felt a sense of relief and deliverance from a ministry that took my sweat and toil for almost two years. Each time the church premises closed, the pastor did not rest but worked doubly hard either in prayers or with online services and Bible Study. It is so much easier to explain things face to face and preaching online service is a struggle as I can't be sure anyone was listening.

Even the worship or multimedia teams are present in body but it is hard for them to focus on worship when they know they are only there to do a job of recording or streaming live to the church members in the hope that everyone will tune in. Today I am free from all encumbrances. The leaders met again yesterday evening and I received a summary of their decision almost mid-night which I read early this morning. The Lord had told me almost exactly what they were going to say, ever so diplomatic but like Novak Djokovic's uncertain Australian Open participation, I reject all forms of threats, deadlines and conditions. Is a job more important than life? So few people seem to understand that vaccination is not right for everyone. Two weeks ago, one of the most senior doctors in Health Ministry died after one week of the Pzifer's booster shot. It is easy to say that the heart attack has nothing to do with the vaccine. Can we really prove that? I have read reports from medical doctors/specialists that at least one type of vaccine increases the risk of heart attack by 25%. So in order not to prolong the discussion that could lead to dispute which would harm the church, the sheep and kids that need to be cared for, I quickly responded to last night's message and told the Chairman that my decision was final and I am not going to comment further. What has been said is said. I have nothing to add or to subtract. Ultimately, the Lord Jesus Christ is our judge and we can commit to Him our cause and only time will tell. We do not have to fight or justify ourselves. I have resigned or moved on a couple of time when I had only two months' salary/savings in my bank account. Am I going to shrink from my principles now? So we parted ways in peace and it was nice of the Chairman to say positive things about my ministry, but alas the day is almost gone and night cometh when no man can work (John 9:4).

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