Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Reflection & Prayer in Leadership

 I read an article of the same title last Saturday as the Lord confirms to me His Word and His will for my life and ministry. Why am I doing what I am doing unless I am doing His will and ministering in His pleasure? How do we know God's will? It is not just reading the Bible because the devil could quote Scripture in the temptation of Christ. It is by reflection and prayer with a sincere heart and clean hands.

Reflection means waiting on the Lord, meditating of His past workings and deliverance and waiting patiently to know His present work. I have no wish to do what I am doing unless I truly believe I am sent by God. Therein lies my authority since I have no formal or institutional authority. Being a pastor could be the most pitiable job in my sphere of ministry as hardly anyone respects such a profession, to many's estimation that person is just a church worker paid by the church funds. So my authority lies solely with God. I have been out of active preaching for a whole month now as I am on my annual leave. But on Sunday in church for the first time in 5 weeks I was called upon by the MC to say the opening prayers and I read from Rev 3:7-8, 11-13 and my words were like swords in the hearts of men. Then the chairman who preached also asked me to lead the intercessory prayers after his sermon and the few minutes I was up on the pulpit would have reminded my congregation where spiritual authority lies, not in me but in God who is pleased to anoint His servants. And I greeted the 60 members who came to church at the door and most greeted me with a nod and smiling eyes for they knew there was a servant of God in their midst. 

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