Sunday, December 26, 2021

Encounter with the Risen Lord

I shared my conversion testimony with the Principal of Malaysia Bible Seminary, Klang (now in Rawang) in 1998 and I was gifted his book “Gospel and Mission” in 2007. To my surprise, he included my testimony of conversion in his book along with John Sung and a few others (I am not worthy) but as it is written in Chinese, until today I do not know what is written about me in the book. As I look forward to my 40th anniversary in Christ in 2022, I want to recount my conversion testimony once more. I was a 17 year—old law student at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. I arrived in NZ on the 1st March 1982 and on the 24th April I was converted which was my 55th day in NZ.The appearance of the risen Saviour started just before midnight on 23rd April in my room at Ilam Flats, a residential flats in the University. I was overpowered by a holy presence and I knelt down and soon began weeping. I wept because I felt myself a sinner and with deep conviction of my sins and unworthiness. I saw Jesus Christ in front of me as if hovering over me in bright white I know it was Jesus I don’t know but next I heard Him say, “I am alive” and “I have died for your sins”. I kept crying for at least an hour and for the next two months I woke up at 4am in the morning (approaching NZ winter) and I felt Jesus seated on my bedside and His presence filled my room daily. The next morning following the encounter, I shared with my flat mates and they led me to say the sinner’s prayer which I felt strange as the night before I felt myself forgiven, purified and sanctified. On the third or fourth day, I bought my first Bible (KJV) and read it from cover to cover, oftentimes at least 6 or 7 hours a day during the first year of my conversion. In the first two months of my conversion, I stood in my bedroom and raised my hands in prayers and worship and sang along spiritual songs which I bought (cassettes) and listened to using my Sony Walkman. I thank Dr Tan Kim Sai for recording my conversion experience in his book and I hope in God that Dr Tan’s words written in Feb 2007 “may the Lord use you greatly for His glory and as a channel of blessings to many” is being fulfilled in my life and ministry. All glory be unto God the Father and Jesus Christ our Lord. 

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