Monday, June 13, 2022

Sadness increases with knowledge (Ecclesiastes)

Solomon must be a sad man. If you read Ecclesiastes in any fashion you will feel sad. Because when one increases knowledge one increases in sadness. Why is that so. Because one begins to understand how the world works, it’s futility and evil. Yes, evil. Much evil happens due to envy and hatred. Did not Cain slaughter his brother because Abel’s work is more righteous than Cain’s? It is the same now.

Why am I the target of envy and hatred? Because my life is more righteous than those who hate me without cause. Joseph’s brothers hated him and were filled with jealousy. Because Joseph is more talented than all of them, and Joseph’s talents are God-given. So it is now. All my gifts are God given and as much as I give glory to God, my enemies are filled with more hatred. Now their fangs are out. Yesterday early in the morning I came upon Psalm 59 and then Psalm 56. Many were David’s enemies. They wished for his death and persecuted him and drove him away from the Lord’s inheritance. But as God was with David, He is also with me. I know I am God’s servant and if they love God, they would also love the one whom He sends. If Jesus Christ was slandered and persecuted by the religious leaders of His day, it will be he same as Christ’s servants today. Those who desire to live godly lives will be persecuted. Indeed 

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