Thursday, June 2, 2022

Teaching & Preaching

It’s almost confirmed now that I shall be teaching an intensive course on Johannine literature at the end of the month in Ranau. I was hesitant to take up the invitation not just because I have to drive for 3 hours to the College with the road conditions getting worse and heavy traffic most of the time but also nowadays I feel tired after a three hour course let alone a 30 hour intensive over 5 days. Next Sunday when I preach in church I will solicit prayers from my friends there and all prayer support is much needed. Today I spent some time writing Galatians 2 and it is really the most complex of any chapters in all of Paul’s 13 letters.

I think I may have to spend more time researching a couple of issues there before I move on to chapter 3. I don’t plan to accept more preaching invitations if I want to get the first draft ready by year’s end. When a young pastor asked me when I was going to publish my next book I told him that I needed to sell more of my current books in order to have enough funds for the next project. I am unemployed which is what I want right now in my life as God will feed me and my family. Like Abraham I have raised my hand to the most high God and I will not take anything from subsidy or funds from unbelievers. The end is like the beginning. As I was my own boss when I was not yet 25 years old, I have lived almost the past 30 years submitting to human authorities which in most cases have been painful and unjust despite peppered by occasional sweetness and happiness. I will serve the church of Jesus Christ but on my own terms, freely given, freely give to whomever the Lord may send and command. 

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