Saturday, July 23, 2022

A lament: Forging Ahead

The show goes on for most people without asking “is the Lord amongst us?” No wonder Malachi the prophet cried out that the doors of the Temple might be closed! It is religious services aplenty without heart and soul. People’s hearts are far from the Lord and their worship is by rote and man’s commandments but there is little of the love of God. The righteous perishes and no one takes it to heart (Psalm 12). I remember my last acts as pastor last September that I was right in the midst of the Flood story of Genesis 6-10. Twice when Noah was introduced he is said to be the only righteous man living on the earth. The rest ignored God and only Noah walked with God. He was the only righteous man among his contemporaries.

People were violent and vengeful filled with hatred. Even now as Zechariah the prophet lamented that God’s people backstabbed one another, spoke evil of their brothers and tore one another down. There is no longer faithfulness. They lie and refuse to take responsibility. They choose to keep silent instead of standing up for the truth. Unless you put something into the mouths of these prophets, they would make you a target of their venomous tongues. Our tongues are our own, so they claim and no one can control what comes out of their lips. Libels and slanders and lies are the rule of the day. Perhaps people should keep quiet for the day is evil. For three and a half years of famine and drought only a widow and her son were ministered to by Elijah. All Israel seemed to have gone backward. As Paul says, there will be great apostasy before the appearance of the man of lawlessness (2 Thes 2). People will hate one another. Love will grow cold. But those who are righteous forge ahead as light shines on their paths even unto a perfect day.

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