Saturday, July 30, 2022

Book Sale: August Special Offer

For today to the end of August 2022 I am offering my books on special price inclusive of postage throughout Malaysia for RM40.00 each. For those in Singapore it will be SGD 15 per copy plus SGD10 postage. Please note postage to Singapore costs more than SGD10 per copy but it is sale and promotion time valid only for the month of August. If you order more than one copy then postage will be reduced accordingly. For my Song of Songs’ commentary, I would say you won’t find in in many commentaries that both Hebrew and Greek LXX are given equal facilitation and exegesis and interpretations are often based on why LXX of the Song differs from the Hebrew and the significance of the Greek text.One unique feature is that there is a love story behind the love poem, a coherent story as such if we pay close attention to the text. Why is it found in our Bibles? Because love is such a fundamental human emotion and the romance and passion that come with it. In fact, I argue that the Song of Songs makes so much sense because this human emotion called love is given in all 8 chapters, especially in the woman’s longing and desire for the man for the woman’s love for the man has become the archetype of a woman in love, hence the title of the book. 

There are at least 50 metaphors to decipher and my commentary attempts to explain in simple terms this ancient Hebrew love poem. For the other two books, you can order them for the same price and I will send it to you anywhere in the world if we can agree on the cost of postage. I welcome enquiries through email and if you need a sample of writing I shall be happy to send to you with no obligations. August is a beautiful month and it is time for the reading God’s Word, especially in the Song of Solomon.

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