Wednesday, October 26, 2022

"A godless man shall not reign": Praying for Rishi and Boris (Job 34:30)

But I got a text yesterday asking for my sermon title for Sunday, I realised that it was time for me to take a break from my commentary writing, though I managed to persevere until past 11pm last night going through the excursus that takes up about 10 pages. But since 5am this morning, I was totally focused on sermon preparation and I texted the church clerk with my sermon title just before 9am. But why am I preaching from Job? The book of Job is a book of wisdom and philosophy. It contains much gems even from Job's three friends. Although, God judged them to have spoken wrongly about Job, however, it does not mean their speeches are worthless, or else so much of it would not be included in the book of Job that has come down to us as a biblical canonical book.

A godless man should not reign lest the people are ensnared. The Hebrew word can be translated as profane, irreligious and even apostasy as in Daniel 11:32.  A godless and profane man should not reign. Of course, Israel as a theocracy talks about politics and religion at the same time. Even now in Malaysia, with the General Election around the corner, the verse is apt and relevant. May God's people and all citizens of Malaysia choose wisely. 

Moreover, we also have our Church's AGM where the top leaders are elected by the delegates. I was advised to not even show my face lest that would make some people unhappy. My response is as a church member since 1989 and a pastor since 1994, I have every right to attend as an observer. But it is getting harder as each AGM proceeds. 

But God knows everything for it is not from the East nor from the West, but God can put one down and exalt another. We saw that clearly in Britain as one exalted but then in less than 7 weeks put down and another took her place. I told my friend yesterday that I prayed three times for Rishi Sunak to win the premiership without having to go to the members' vote. The Lord answered my prayers. My friend was surprised that and he said why you bothered about another nation (since Malaysia are having much troubles and Election as well). 

I told my friend, God is the Lord of all the earth and our prayers are not limited for our nation. "Ask of Me and I will give you the nations as inheritance" (Psalm 2:8). I did not tell my friend that the pastor who baptised me on 9th May 1982 prophesied over me in the waters of baptism and I still remember vividly his words that I would be a prayer warrior and intercessor. In fact I was disappointed that he did not prophesy that I would get one of the five offices of Ephesians 4 but after several years, I realised his prophecy was as powerful as it could be. 

I prayed today as I prayed when I was first born again. I told my friend so that he did not misunderstand me that I should be too politically inclined. So I told him that when Boris Johnson was admitted to ICU fighting for his life due to Covid 19 I prayed for him twice but I did not tell my friend that I shed tears and I wept for the life of Boris Johnson. I was not keen on his politics or admired him for his charisma, but God cares for his life that he should go on living as a fellow human being, the least I could do is to pray for another human being, made in the likeness and image of God.

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