Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Countering Hyper-inflation

Inflation is rising through the roof. It's between 20% to 50% where I am. Ta pao rice was Rm8.00 but now it is RM12.00. I just had lunch with pork rice costing RM15.00. If drinks are included it will be close to RM20.00. How do we counter inflation and hyperinflation? As for me, without a fixed income, many people will think it is doubly hard or I got hit by a double whammy. Yes and no in a way as we still live in the world and the ever falling Ringgit can only buy so much as the week goes by. Today it is RM3.25 to one Singapore dollar. When it was RM 2.4 to 1SDG in 2014, one of my friends told me to my face that I was mad to come back to Sabah for good. Those who know that I once held Singapore Permanent Residence would think that I was doubly mad to leave the good life behind.

But God is powerful and He is faithful. I was thinking when I was putting my weekly offering to the church collection that the Old Testament in Malachi has God saying, "Test me and see if I would not open the windows of heaven and rain down the blessings for you". That promise is predicated on God's people paying 10% or tithing. I thought to myself, I was never content in giving 10%. When I was a practising lawyer I gave as much as I could, sometimes close to 25% of my monthly cheque. When I gave up my legal practice and received RM700.00 per month salary in my first ministry appointment in the interior of Sabah, that would be like 20 to 30 times less that what I normally earned as a lawyer. If I had stayed on in Singapore I would be earning eight times more of my last drawn salary in 2021. 

People change jobs if they get a raise for 10% to 30%. But for God I gave up everything. If there is a God, what would God do for those whose hearts are devoted to Him? Does He not have eyes to see and ears to hear from those who cry out to Him in sincerity and in truth? Indeed, He has! He is able to do more abundantly than what we think and imagine or pray (Eph 3:20). I may not sell many books, or have any preaching engagements with no honorarium but God has His way to bless me and my family. "Test me and see whether I would not open the windows of heavens and rain down blessings on you". God is tested and is found faithful. He is the true and living God and those who trust in Him will not be put to shame. 

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