Sunday, April 28, 2013

Return to Destiny

Today's Sunday service was one of the best I attended. The Lord woke up early and by 8:35am I reached the church in the city for its first service. The preacher was walking out when I walked in, perhaps to get himself ready for a great sermon later on. I was ready to worship the Lord. People matter. Song leaders matter.
The one who led song was one whom I liked. He is slightly older than the more flamboyant song leader, but obviously as he loved the Lord more, the anointing is more powerful upon him as he led God's people into His presence. The presence of the Lord is sweet and indeed he is enthroned in the midst of the praises of His people. Song after song, my tears flowed freely. I tried to retrain them but allowed the Lord to have his way. Through the songs and later through His Word, the Lord spoke powerfully to me. The topic was how to be a soldier for Christ. The preacher preached about two great sins of the soldier - indiscipline and desertion. I felt the Lord convicting me; now I don't have to attend a weekly prayer meeting, my prayer-life has slowed down a notch. Then He said, "The Lord could fire us as he is the commander". That put the fear of the Lord into my heart. He ended by saying, "Return to your destiny." Lord, I bow down at your holy throne for You are merciful and because of your great mercies we are not consumed. Forgive my transgressions, Lord. Forgive my indiscipline. Forgive, my not trusting You fully. Lord, You said, "I will never forsake nor leave you." Just as You have provided for me for the past 19 years, You will do so for the next 19 years and many years beyond that should You tarry. The preacher said, there were many battles to be fought. Christianity is not about having it easy, not taking things for granted, not wanting to be served and blessed, but to serve and bless others and many nations beside

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