Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Connecting with the Divine

If I heard today's sermon correctly, the preacher mentioned that it was so hard for most people to connect with the divine. That statement touched a cord in my heart as I was reflecting for some time now why so many believers seem not to be able to connect with the divine during worship. As I observed in so many worship services in various churches as the songs were sung, only a few really worshipped God in spirit and in truth. Not that there is only one way to worship God but many I saw simply could not connect with the divine. Some were holding on the bench with both hands as if they are gripped by fear or a guilty conscience while singing. Some with hands folded; some with faces as if their loved ones had just passed away, contorted and distorted; some just stood there and stared at the words on the screen emotionless and lifeless. Very few showed the radiance of God's glory in their faces.

When one connects with the divine, our whole being is moved because as the LXX of Exodus 3:14 has it for the name of God: "I AM THE BEING!" Being in the presence of the One who is the Being, one can only become like the Being, transformed into his likeness, we too are the Being because we are in Him and we have touched the one who is Life himself and everyone He touches He transforms into becoming Being like Himself. Unless we connect with the divine, life is no life and worship is a chore even as the prophet Isaiah declares they worship me in vain for their hearts are far from ME.

Worship is a matter of the heart; as God, the Being is love, so we who are becoming must also love. Spirit begets spirit. Love begets love; only those whom God has loved first will love Him in return and as we love we direct our hearts to Him, longing for Him who is our Life and our Being and being found in His presence, our hearts melt and our beings trembled with awe who is the one pure Spirit who cloths Himself with light as with a garment and wraps His wings over us in love.

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