Saturday, March 22, 2014

Leadership, the Critical Element

Whatever it is, whatever the outcome, someone is behind an event or incident. We are not accidents of determinism or fatalism. The forces of history are created by men and men are not mere labels or insignificant pawns driven by the forces of history. Leaders make history. They put their personal stamp on history. Biblical history is full of such leaders. Abraham was one man when God called him out of Ur and he became father of many nations and his descendants are uncountable like the stars in heaven. What if he did not obey? Moses encountered God in the burning bush. What if he succumed to his perceived inferiority? David was a shepherd boy. What if he did not take up the challenge to fight Goliath? Leaders are men who obey God. They stepped out in faith and the course of history is forever changed.
Leaders lead men to accomplish great things. With them, all things are possible. The impossible becomes possible because they dare to believe God. If a pastor, his church will grow when he exercises leadership aright. When he is able to lead and inspire others to fulfil the tasks of ministry, the church will grow. I was reading about Dr. David Dockery being appointed President of Trinity International University. I had the privilege of attending Prof. Dockery's talk in Singapore a few years ago. In his CV, it is said that he led Union University to astounding growth. From 1,900 to over 4,000 enrolments over 18 years. The budget increased 5 fold to about US$100 million a year.

With capable and dynamic leadership, theological institutions attract not just hundreds but thousands of students. What greater product than God's Word? Can we see that happening in Singapore? I do not see why not. Singapore has about 1 million Christians. More than a third of all tertiary students label themselves Christians, even a larger percentage than American Colleges overall. If the right faculty are recruited and the Word is taught well, there will be never be lack of students. Leadership of theological institutions is critical from President/Principal, Academic Dean, Registrar to other office bearers. God's sovereignty may be exercised through many ways and ordinary human beings, but it is often magnified when God's chosen, Moses, David, Peter and John, his servants hold the rightful offices ordained for them (cf. 1 Cor 12:28), whether kings, priests or apostles and prophets, and when that happens, God's kingdom is greatly magnified and the knowledge of His glory covers the earth like the waters cover the seas.

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