Sunday, March 5, 2017

1st Anniversary Away

Today is the first anniversary of my resignation as pastor of the Ranau church. I took my homegroup with me for worship there and I am glad that after one year away from being the church's pastor, I no longer miss it and the members have long gotten used to the pastor who replaced me. Yet the song leader honoured me by asking me to say the benediction. If I were not appointed Acting Principal early last year I wonder how long I would have stayed on as pastor. Perhaps my giftings are better utilised as Bible teacher at the moment. Without leadership responsibility I just concentrate on delivering my lectures and attending to the occasional speaking engagements. Next Sunday onwards I will get busier with an interior trip coming up on the 3rd week of March.
Pastoring a church does have its ups and downs and it could be extremely taxing with 4 or 5 meetings a week not counting visitations, counselling and being called out to pray for church members. I remember well in early 2015 until August that year I hardly had time to return to Kota Kinabalu because of ministry demands. In that sense teaching ministry is less taxing but we don't get Mondays off as lecturers. So when I preach on Sunday and lecture straight on Monday morning the start of the week could be energy sapping especially if I need to travel on a Sunday or early Monday morning. This morning as we attended the second service at 10am I had a bit of time at hand beforw church and I did some lecture preparation on 1 Corinthians which I shall deliver Tuesday week.

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