Friday, March 31, 2017

Duty Bound

Although I had withdrawn from a number of speaking engagements, I shall be preaching this Sunday as part of the home group's visitation to nearby churches. I am glad I do not have to speak on Saturday night in a Men's fellowship but there is no letting up in preparing for the Sunday sermon. I spent two hours yesterday's evening reading Isaiah 33-35 as preparation. So instead of two sermons this weekend, I only have one. I am pleased that turning down speaking engagements has brought a measure of peace to me. Sometimes I wonder whether I am missing out as many Districts still have not seen me since I came back to Sabah almost 3 years ago. One District Superintendent called me last night on another matter and he mentioned that he knew me since I served in the HQ as Treasurer but had not met me since. That was more than 20 years ago! This brings to mind in a State as big as Sabah, travelling to faraway places is a given if one wants to connect with as many Districts as possible.
I take this ministry retreat as a needed break and towards the end of year I will reassess my appetite for travel for 2018. I have practically decided to take up only one or two Christmas invitations provided I don't have to travel far. Or I may just go overseas for a break and rest from preaching. I had just completed my notes on John 12-13 for my Gospel of John's class next Monday. For every lecture or block of lectures I try to give a name and this one is called, "The Last Passover in the Shadow of the Cross" Paskah Terakhir dan Bayangan Salib. The schedule of classes for the Second Semester has just come out. I will be teaching three new courses and I think my month-long Semester break will be mostly taken up by lecture preparations which leaves little time for anything else. Perhaps it is a good excuse for me to decline speaking invitations though I doubt whether the churches or Districts will understand the reasons thereof.

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