Saturday, April 1, 2017

Second Quarter

Time waits for no one. Until the day when time is no more (Rev 10:6-7) everyone and everything under the heaven and on earth are subject to time. Time passes us by quickly. One hour lost can so easily be one hour gained. Three months of 2017 have just gone by. Today is the start of the second quarter. Three more quarters to go and 2018 beckons. I can only thank God that this past quarter has a semblance of order and routine to it which was a nice change from 2016. I have churned out lectures week after week on John's Gospel and NT Theology. I have preached regularly without running myself to the ground. My foray into interior ministry came to an abrupt halt a week ago after suffering a minor burnout. Today I even managed to spend solid hours reading Johannine Theology by Paul Rainbow (2014). And in the early hours of the morning I almost completed my lecture notes on Paul's theology of salvation and ecclesiology based on Ephesians. Ephesians ranks high in the list of my favourite short letters. I taught an intensive on it once and would not mind doing it again. What's up for the 2nd quarter? We have exactly one month of teaching Semester left and we break for one month mid May before the start of the 2nd Semester on 12th June. I will have a much reduced preaching schedule in the second quarter but what the third and fourth quarter will bring no one knows. I plan to take at least 2 weeks off during the Semester vacation before preparing for lectures for my three new subjects. Even if I don't preach or travel I have much to do at College. Lord, my times are in Your hands (Psalm 30).

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