Friday, April 28, 2017

End-Time Seminar

Tomorrow, God willing I shall be conducting my 13th End-time seminar. I started teaching on the book of Revelation by way of seminar in 2010 though when I was pastor I conducted a seminar once in Keningau (2005) due to the persistence of my pastor-friend there. Now after last year's hiatus (I only spoke on Revelation twice in a FGB meeting) I will be speaking in local KK church tomorrow.
For tomorrow I have about 44 slides in powerpoint and it works out to be about 10 slides per session. All the powerpoint slides are freshly done. It is not as if I do not have slides in Malay as I had done four Seminars in Malay already. But each time I felt I needed a fresh approach according to the needs of the audience. I could debate the interpretive methods of Revelation or the timing of rapture or the different views of millennium and I may just get many questions on these topics but end time events or the book of Revelation is much more than that. It is the most beautiful book of the Bible that deserves a pictorial presentation as it is mostly in symbolic visions. It deserves detailed study as it is the most complex and intricate book of the Bible and unless one is master of Scripture especially the Prophets there is no way to unravel the many allusions to the OT and it is safe to say that at least 2/3 of Revelation is interwoven with the OT that the latter more than any book of the NT has become its subtext.

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