Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Day

Today for the 2nd time since I joined the College last year we had a short but meaningful Labour Day's appreciation for all the nine lecturers and five support staff. We took a Faculty as well as a Faculty plus staff photo. For the sermon I translated for a visiting speaker from New Zealand. The College also paid for our shirts, a kind of uniform which we wear on special occasions. I am not much into uniformity of dress but it does present unity as a team and if it is worn only two or three times a year that's fine by me. But May Day or Labour Day is special for us pastors.
It is the only time of the year thay we get appreciated for our labour. Some churches hold special May Day services when they have different sections of the church community give gifts to the pastor. Once I attended a village church's service and the pastor and his family stood in front of the congregation at the end of the service and all 200 members came forward to give something to the pastor and his family. I heard that more than RM4,000.00 was given to the pastor on that day. Yesterday morning I drove back to the College from KK after a weekend ministry where I conducted an End-time seminar from 9am to 4pm with five long sessions. I almost withdrew from the invitation late March but thanks be to God that if we do what we are called to do He grants us strength. I felt the anointing and it was pretty smooth teaching all the way with active participation from the attendees.

As I drove and reached Kundasang I had some strange experience. I was playing the song the power of Your love in my car and suddenly the Spirit descended on me in a most intense manner and I shed rivers of tears for a good 4 or 5 minutes. Holiday traffic was bad and it took about 30 minutes for the 15kms from Kundasang to Ranau but I did not feel any strain as I soared with wings like an eagle borne by the mighty power of the Spirit.

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