Sunday, May 14, 2017

Silent Solitude

Perhaps it is a redundancy. One does not have to be in a desert to feel the silence of solitude. In the midst of a noisy crowd provided our souls are at rest with God and our spirits quietly and reverently worshipping Him we can experience silent solitude.
Be still and know that I am God. In today's age of interfering and invasive technology and manifold distractions we need to learn to be still and to be silent. For the past two days I spent time reading 2 Corinthians. I regretted not being able to bring 2 Cor into my NT Theology class but I may have a chance to speak about it over 2 sessions. Two weeks ago the internet line was down from Friday to Friday at College and I don't have TV either. So at night I experienced great silence, only dogs barking at times and insects chirping away but in my soul great solitude. How does one overcome crises and challenges? I almost gave up but the Lord told me that he hears a just cause (Psalm 17) and that everyone who speaks and stands by his beliefs will suffer much afflictions. When one considers the truth and cannot do anything against the truth but yet in one's midst many are liars and practice falsehood one is bound to be tortured like Lot to see the wickedness all round.

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