Sunday, May 21, 2017

Noah Walked with God

Today we heard a sermon titled "Noah walked with God". An elder whom I had known since I joined my homechurch 28 years ago preached eloquently. He told us that the times we were living in now was even more evil than the times of Noah. Did not Jesus said the days of the Son of Man will be like in the days of Noah? As I read the text of Genesis 6 I thought to myself that there was no one else God could have spoken to except Noah. No one sought after God and no one walked with God. I saw that in my own life that it is a daily struggle to sit still before the Lord and let Him speak to our hearts and to our spirits. It is not just routinely reading His Word but quietly and expectantly wait on the Lord to speak.
Even if everyone like in Noah's days is evil one has to maintain our stand to be righteous and holy before the Lord. It is daily bearing the cross and denying ourselves. It is daily living as the Spirit leads and guides us. During worship I felt the Lord's love and I yielded with raised hands. He longs to be gracious and merciful to us. He longs to fellowship with his children and embrace us with His love. I saw visions of heavenly delights. I purposed in my heart to devote myself to the Lord no matter what people say or people do around me. This generation could be the last generation before the day of the Lord comes. The preacher today told us that gay marriage has been accepted in most Western countries. It is an evil generation. Only those who walk with God like Noah will escape judgement to come.

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