Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Closing Communion Service

I am now overseeing the Closing Communion service for the Semester 1. Exams finished at noon and the students were back for rehearsal at 2pm. Tomorrow is a rest day for third year students before they go to their field work in various parts of Sabah. Some students will be going to a sports carnival in Lawas, Sarawak and the rest will be going home to their villages for a 4-week break. On Friday I will be taking two of my students to Tuaran for their field work. As Chaplain I am also in charge of field education and I had chosen to supervise two students closer to KK. I need to overcome the mental block I suffered earlier in the year with too much travelling to far away places. During the break I hope to finish marking my papers and exams scripts within the week and then start preparing for my classes for the next Semester. I shall be teaching a year three class on Romans, a 4th year class on Hebrews and a combined third and fourth year for Malaysian Studies which will look at the Constitution and the nation's sosio-economic system.
It will be part law, economics and social history of the country. Thankfully my efforts last year as Acting Principal are bearing fruits. The new curriculum sees more biblical studies subjects, both OT and NT as part of the vision to produce pastors who will be filled with knowledge and understanding and will shepherd God's people in these trying times in Malaysia (Jer 3:15). At the state level I am looking forward to the pastors' conference that involves all 400 SIB pastors. Usually a few elders will join and we expect close to 500 people will attend the 2-day Conference early June. But now it is back to more marking so that I don't have to carry too many papers back to KK with me on Friday.

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