Thursday, May 11, 2017

Time Markers

The moon is set in the sky as a witness and time marker. Every new moon in Israel was marked by the sounding of the trumpet. The first day of the month is auspicious as it begins a new month and with each passing month, a year is marked with either 12 or 13 Jewish months. Yesterday was the full moon for May also known as Flower Moon. As for me, every full moon I reflect on the month just past and plan ahead for the new month.
The beginning of April was certainly significant as for the first time in my 23-year full time ministry I withdrew from two confirmed speaking engagements due to fatigue. And also a bout of illness late March set me back a week in lectures preparation so much so it was opportune that I withdrew from speaking to give full attention to the final month of teaching Semester. As the full moon last night marked the end of the Semester today I rushed to mark papers and I got at least 80% done with only two sets of exams scripts left for me to take back to KK. Then it will be full force on preparing for Romans, Hebrews and Malaysian Studies. Then early June I will attend the Pastors' Conference and by then another month will be up and the new Semester beckons.

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