Saturday, April 15, 2017

Stocking Up

I have tried my best to limit what I buy to furnish my house in College. More than monetary consideration is the thought of moving out when the time comes. Nevertheless one cannot avoid buying the bare essentials to make a house habitable or a house into a home. As I don't cook often I have been using one cooker but I realised that changing the gas can is expensive so today I decided to buy an electric induction cooker so that if I get hungry I don't have to drive 17kms to Ranau town but can cook up a packet of instant noodles. As day time has become increasing hot I also bought a table fan and it will come handy when they are guests or my cell group meets. I have stocked up tuna in olive oil so if I have bread I just eat sandwich and that will save time cooking rice and washing dishes.
After more than 2 months in my newly refurbished dwelling I am getting used to it and as it is coming to 40 years old, I live with whatever shortcomings there are. Last week during a storm a couple of the zinc roof came loose and became twisted and it exposed a gaping hole right on top of my bedroom and for several nights I had to use a pale to catch the drips from the ceiling. Thankfully two students were brave enough to climb up the roof and replaced the twisted zinc with new ones. So far we have not experienced water shortage but it is better to get ready a water tank and stock up some water for dry months ahead.

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